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Straw Pellets


Straw pellets are a sustainable, rapidly renewable, easy to use biomass that can be used as an alternative to wood.

  • Straw is a natural byproduct of annual crop production
  • Straw is completely carbon neutral over one year; the carbon emitted as the previous years crop bio-degrades, being reabsorbed annually.
  • Straw is available nationally – over 10m t produced annually in GB
  • Straw is naturally dry so unlike wood does not require excessive energy to transport and process.
  • Straw does not require the destruction of carbon intensive trees, which require over 20 years to grow and reabsorb the carbon emitted when one is cut down

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Miscanthus Pellets

Miscanthus pellets are a sustainable, rapidly renewable, easy to use biomass that can be used for heating or power generation. They have a much lower ash and silicon content than straw pellets and can easily be used as a sustainable replacement for wood pellets. 

Miscanthus is a high yielding grass that grows over 3 metres tall annually, resembles bamboo and produces a crop every year without the need for replanting. It is very effective at capturing carbon as it grows – with each ton absorbing up to 3.4 tons of CO2 annually.

The rapid annual growth, low mineral content, and high biomass yield of make it an ideal sustainable biomass

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easy to use pellets

natural & organic

rapidly renewable – regrows annually

fuel & food

carbon capture with crops

local sustainable resource

Agripellets – easy to use, rapidly renewable, carbon capturing biomass

Agripellets is a Warwickshire based producer of biomass pellets derived from British Straws and Miscanthus.

Agripellets – rapidly renewable biomass